Important things I have learned as a freelance website designer

In the last 3+ years, I have built many of websites. I’ve built websites for small businesses, I’ve built professional websites and I’ve built websites for international companies. Every website that I build I still believe there are many important things I have learned as a freelance website designer like I learn so much on. My website designing skills improve, my competence improves, my expectations are more accurate, my company improves and most importantly, the final services or product improves.

Presently, I work with many of clients in the very early stages of the website development project to find out exactly what we are trying to achieve with the website, how the website will be planned, how the user will run the website, what the visitor or user can do, etc.

I also work with the clients to assist them to find out how we are going to bring traffic to the website, how we are going to keep those visitors coming back, what we are going to do with the traffic or coming audience that we receive and how we are going to track everything. I really take pleasure in doing website design work which is why I carry on doing the freelance web design work on the side of my full-time job. Seriously, in these past years, I have learned so many things as working as a freelance website designer.  Even though the entire process of a web design job going through a company as compared to a freelance gig is totally different, it’s very similar in other manners.

Important things what I’ve learned as a freelance website designer through both positions:

  • Always value your work what you think its worth.

Never discount your work just because you don’t think the customer can afford you then. If the client can’t afford you, it’s not an awful thing to have them move on. If they are departing to always nickel and dime you, it’s not the value of your time. Customers who are eager to pay you what you are worth or value are much better clients or customers. I am also working as freelance web designer in Chandigarh and also follow this main thing.


  • You can’t suppose to get any decent work if you don’t have own website

I can’t even tell you guys that how many freelance web designers I’ve come crossways that don’t even have their own websites. If they suppose me to use their services, how can I do that when I can’t even see examples of their work? This is the first place the willing client is going to look and it’s going to give them their first feeling of you and your website designing work.

My freelance web design website  is my favorite website that I’ve done and I think it represents the quality of design work that I do very fine or well.

  • Don’t be scared to argue

I had a lot of clients who want things that I actually have had to argue to get them to change their intellect. I constantly am fighting the “large logo” battle… I’ve been asked many things by customers who have very little website design but think that their personal preferences should determine how the website works and looks.


  • Don’t be fearful to argue if you disagree

Obviously, do this in a respectful way and always be specialized. In my experience, I’ve found many clients that aren’t worried when you disagree with them. It shows that you have an enthusiasm for what you are doing and are confident in your work. You are the skilled and that’s why they are paying you.

  • SEO is a vast thing

Absolutely get out there and read all you can and learn all about Search Engine Optimization. Because I’ve gained a very good perceptive of how to get websites to perform well in search engines, I’ve been able to bring a lot of visitors to my website which equals a lot of new business opportunities. Sure, you can do well with paid search (aka pay per click, aka PPC) but that can be very costly and in my opinion, it’s much less successful.

  • Learn all different zones of the industry

My main focal point is freelance web design but I also work as freelance graphic designer in Chandigarh, search engine optimization (SEO) management services. I’m not saying that you of necessity need to offer all types of services, in fact it’s better if you center on one area, but it’s good at least to have a vast knowledge of industry related topics or technologies.


 I’ve come to a point now in my profession that I am debating becoming a full-time freelance web designer. I have a strong list of current customers and have optimized my own website so that it’s constantly bringing in new business or opportunities.



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